Sweet Caroline

Everyone, meet Caroline…

She is a graduate of Fredericksburg High School. Isn’t she gorgeous? Caroline was my last senior to photograph and the perfect way to end my Spring senior season of 2014.

I was first introduced to Caroline when I photographed her best friend Ashton, also a Fredericksburg High School graduate. After Ashton’s session, her mom told me she was going to give Caroline my contact information to book a session. And let me tell you, I’m sure glad she did! From the get-go Caroline was so sweet and once she found me on Instagram and I saw her pictures, I couldn’t wait to take her senior pictures!

After about a month of planning her session, Caroline and her dad met me at my apartment in San Marcos to begin her session. We went to some really beautiful locations and had most of them all to ourselves… Except Sewell Park on Texas State’s campus. Caroline was drawing so much attention from people (mainly boys) crossing the bridge over the San Marcos River– LOL!! It was the funniest thing, although I’m sure her dad thought otherwise (: Before her session Caroline asked me in a text message if it would be okay if she could bring her guitar to include in her session. Hello… OF COURSE!! If you know me, you know I love music and everything about it! We had almost forgotten to include the guitar until the very end of her session. I was so glad I brought it up because by that time she had completely forgotten it was in her dad’s truck. The pictures of Caroline and her guitar are definitely some of my favorites.

Needless to say, Caroline is one of the sweetest and most genuine girls I have had the pleasure to work with! I enjoyed building a relationship with her and hearing all of her plans she has for her future and I cannot wait to see and hear about all the wonderful things she will do at Ole Miss! I wish her the very best of luck!


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