Finding Beauty in the Simple Things

Being a photographer, I tend to really analyze things visually and really try hard to find the beauty in everything. For example, last Thursday while walking through the Quad on campus I was given a carnation from a complete stranger wishing me a Happy Early Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t having such a great day but that little act of kindness turned my entire day around. I started taking pictures of it on my iPhone, admiring how beautiful this simple little flower was. I mean, it was just a dinky carnation… the ones you can pay a dollar for at school to secretly send someone on Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if it was the fact that out of hundreds of people walking through campus, I was given the carnation, or the realization of how pretty it actually was once I started photographing it that made me love it. I decided to stop with the “iPhoneography” and wait until I got home to whip out my amazing macro lens to truly capture the beauty of the carnation.

When I got home, I opened the blinds to the huge windows I have in my apartment to let the sunlight in. I filled a vase with water and put the carnation inside. I moved my coffee table close to the window, laid down a piece of white bristol board, and set the vase and carnation on top. I took pictures from all different angles of the vase and carnation. I even photographed the drops of condensation on the outside of the vase. I couldn’t be happier with the images of this carnation. Even a week later, the carnation is still in my window sill with an even fuller bloom than it had when it was given to me.

If you don’t already, stop and appreciate the little things. And try to find the beauty within… Even if it is something as simple as a carnation.


B e   C o n n e c t e d