Faces of San Marcos

I have yet to share this on here, but back in September of 2014 I began working for The University Star Newspaper at Texas State as a staff photographer. Since then my work and skill have strengthened and I have gained a new passion and respect for photo journalism. It is one of the most amazing opportunities I have taken on as a photographer. Not only do I feel like my work has improved, but I feel like I am also becoming a better person. The people I have the chance to meet and work with have helped me make that transition.

When I am assigned a story to cover, especially one that is a feature on a person, it is a main goal of mine to make them feel as comfortable as they can around me and my camera. I don’t just show up with my camera, ask to take their picture, then leave. I try to get to know them on a personal level and get them to open up to me. I treat them the way I would want to be treated. I find it very important to be able to establish a bond with my subjects and make them comfortable. After all, I am a complete stranger coming into their life… to photograph them (something a lot of people aren’t comfortable with). One thing I value most is my subjects and their story. I love getting to hear unique stories from the time they opened their business to more personal stories about their dad who used to be a photo journalist for the Houston Chronicle back in the 1960s. These are stories and experiences with people that I know I’ll never forget. I build relationships with my subjects and cherish them. Some of my subjects I have remained friends with.

Through working for the Star, I have a brand new perspective for the locals and people of San Marcos, Texas. Its been a beautiful experience and I can only hope things will only get better. San Marcos and it’s beautiful people will always have a special place in my heart.

Below are photos of some of the wonderful people I have had the chance to work with here in San Marcos. Each photo has a unique story or memory behind it.

_MG_7633 edit low res

_MG_7624 edit low res

David DeLeon, baker at Pie Society

_MG_3616 edit low res_MG_3617 edit low resLisa Marie Coppoletta, a strong and passionate environmental activist in San Marcos

_MG_4019 edit low res

Seth and Chase Katz, brothers and successful entrepreneurs.

_MG_6486 edit low res

Ty Dillon, a talented local musician

_MG_6504 edit low res

Robert Cannon, a fellow Baytownian and talented friend who moved to San Marcos to expand his music career

_MG_6733 edit low res_MG_6754 edit low res_MG_6721 edit low res

Steve Martin, family partner and bread baker in Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop

_MG_6770 edit low res

Grace Park, lead singer for Grace Park and the Deer

_MG_6909 edit low res_MG_6917 edit low res

Arden Quinn, local artist and a non-traditional student at Texas State University

_MG_6986 edit low res_MG_6967 edit low res_MG_6976 edit low res

Maxine Schaffer, owner of The Floral Studio

_MG_7760 edit retouch low res

Nikkye Vargas, owner and creator of Daughter of the Wild


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