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Meet Lesli and Justin.

They will be getting married August 23rd and I couldn’t be happier for them.

When Justin’s mom, Susan booked their session with me I was beyond excited! I was even more excited when she told me they wanted to take them at my grandparents’ farm. I love being able to use a location for work that has been passed down in my family for so long.

Yes, it was hot, humid, and the mosquitoes were awful! But I didn’t let those factors get the best of us. This engagement session is honestly one of my favorites I have photographed. Not only do I love the images I produced, but I loved feeling like Lesli and Justin were truly themselves during the session. They didn’t get all dressed up and fancy for a short engagement session. They were casual, laid back, and comfortable, which made me feel even more comfortable working with them. Both of my grandparents later saw the photos and commented on how relaxed this session seemed. They enjoyed the photos.

Of the ten images posted below, I think the one with Justin’s truck in the background has to be my favorite. Sure, he looks happy in the other images, but I feel that both him and Lesli look truly happy here. Susan and I both commented on how big his smile got once he brought out his truck for the pictures (:

Lesli and Justin, I wish you nothing but love and happiness in your future together and hope you think of me again for your photography necessities.


I was recently contacted by the Texas State University radio station, KTSW to do an interview on being a student who has started their own business and sharing how it has progressed. I was very excited to hear that’s why they were contacting me! The person hosting the interview, Elise Laird, is a photography major herself and wanted a first-hand perspective on starting a photography business from the ground up. I shared the pros and cons of being a full time student as well as trying to pursue my passion for photography. I’ve posted the link to the story as well as the photo taken. Take a look! (:

Photo by Elise Laird


Welcome everyone to P.M.C. Photography! I am thrilled to be able to share my photos through a blog now a long with the story behind them. Please take a look around at what I have published so far! Enjoy!


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