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This weekend has been one of the best of 2015! MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!

A few weeks ago I learned that my sister Karlie’s boyfriend, Joe was planning to propose to her after her graduation from The University of Texas December 5th. I was thrilled and just full of joy when my dad shared the news! One of the best parts of the news was that Joe wanted me to be a part of the proposal by hiding and taking pictures.

Karlie and Joe started dating almost four years ago after they met at UT. After meeting Joe, I had a feeling deep down that he was going to be “the one”. My sister was head over heels for him and always talked about how nice, respectful, and thoughtful he was. He started coming to family get-togethers for the holidays, on vacations, and started to feel like a part of my family. Joe has been such a blessing to my sister and our family. I have never met a guy so caring and respectful. He is the ideal gentleman. He has treated my sister like a queen from day one, even on her spoiled brat days (: lol! We have always joked with Joe about how he puts up with Karlie, her sassy little attitude, and her high maintenance qualities.

I knew the “question” was coming once Joe mentioned that Karlie’s graduation gift was going to be his next big purchase. Karlie called me one day and told me about him telling her that and how she was starting to get suspicious. The suspicion soon left her little mind though. He began shopping for a ring after Karlie saw a woman’s ring at a UT football game and pointed out how much she liked that particular style. He tried finding clues on Karlie’s taste via Pinterest, only to find that she only had about five pins, including one pin of an engagement ring. Joe wanted the ring to be just as unique as Karlie and their relationship.

The week of Karlie’s graduation Joe sent me a text asking if I could go with him to pick up Karlie’s graduation gift. At this point, Joe had no clue that I knew of his plans to propose to Karlie. He stayed at my apartment Thursday night and then shared the news with me and elaborated more on the details of his plan. The diamond is a European-style antique and is hand-cut. His plan was one of the most thoughtful proposals I’ve ever heard. He really took into consideration specific details of their relationship, how and where they met, and what meant the most to Karlie.

Once graduation ended, Joe told Karlie he wanted to take her on one last walk through UT’s beautiful campus on the way to the car. Their final stop was Scottish Rite, which was Karlie’s dorm during her first year at UT. It was also the place where Joe picked her up for their first date. Through the bushes, I saw them walk up the street and onto the lawn. They stopped and sat at a bench and began talking. Joe grabbed Karlie’s hand and she started to cry. After about ten minutes I started to wonder when he was going to ask (at this point we had 40 minutes to make it to our lunch reservations on the other side of Austin lol). Then he got down on one knee and asked. I emerged from the bushes with shaky knees, trying to hold my camera still in all the excitement.  I made my way over to the bench and finally Karlie saw me and gave me the biggest surprised look. I got closer and the first thing she said was “YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS? No wonder y’all have been acting so sketchy!” She then said “Preslie!! I didn’t even do my eyebrows today for pictures!” In the most exciting event in her life, the most of her worries were her eyebrows lol! She fell in love with the ring and couldn’t stop staring at it. When we got back to the car, she started crying again and kept saying how lucky she felt to have met Joe. It was such a beautiful moment.

Joe has been a blessing to Karlie and our family. I tell her all the time how lucky she is to have crossed paths with Joe and to hang onto him because I knew he would be a keeper. I feel like guys like Joe are rare for our generation so I have always told Karlie she better keep him. I am so happy that she has found her happiness and is engaged to her best friend. They deserve each other. I love them both and wish them the very best in their future together! I couldn’t ask for a better brother in-law. Now I can’t wait for the wedding planning to start! (:


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I recently ran into someone I met in high school, who I haven’t seen in about eight years. We talked about how much time has passed since we had last seen each other, how much things and people have changed, and how we never would have imagined ourselves to be doing what we are doing now.

This person mentioned to me that one of their friends was getting married in a few weeks and asked if I was going to the wedding. I said no but they had inquired about me doing their wedding photos, which I kindly declined as I don’t specialize in wedding or event photography in general. I also commented on the fact that the friend who inquired was on a bit of a budget. *For those of you who don’t know, shooting a wedding is a TOUGH job! Especially for a single-shooting photographer!! An enormous amount of time planning and shooting goes into a wedding for a photographer.* Anyway, unfortunately I did not feel that the amount they had to spend was worth the job and gave them a few recommendations of photographers who would possibly fit within their budget. The conversation with this person then led to pricing, making any job worth your time, and making sure you made enough money to cover expenses and your time and still come out ahead. We discussed wedding photographer prices and why they charge what they do, then I began explaining my pricing and policies behind my work. Everything was great until this person asked “So you charge that much just to push a freaking button??”


I lost it. I thought it was a joke but turned out this person was totally serious. Although this was the first time I had ever been asked this specific question, I deal with this almost every day. Pricing is such a subjective thing, every market is different, and every client has a different budget. Unfortunately, most people just do not understand the reasoning behind why some photographers charge what they do. Because let me tell you, it is much more than just “pushing a freaking button”! I felt so offended by that question. That is just like me asking “so you get paid this much just to sit behind a desk?” or “you get paid that much just to take a client out to lunch?”.

Being a photographer is a job, just like any other job. I have spent years learning my camera and software inside and out. I have invested thousands of dollars in equipment, workshops, and receiving two degrees at Texas State. All to benefit myself, my photography business, and creating better quality work. I believe all of those qualities make what I do more unique and valuable. Photographers don’t just run around with cameras clicking away and then play around on a computer (trust me, many people believe that’s what we really do). I spend hours researching concepts and ideas for my sessions to make them more unique, spend hours preparing for the session by buying props or even hand making many of them myself, spend up to three hours shooting most of my sessions, and then spend even longer editing the images and creating a custom online gallery for my clients. That is why I charge what I do. Theres is so much more than what goes on behind the camera during a session. And if people can’t comprehend that and understand the reasoning behind it, that’s unfortunate for them. I am always more than happy to educate the client, or people in general who question the photography business. But sometimes there is no way of changing people’s minds or their opinions.

I love what I do and am passionate about photography and the art and history of it. Although it may seem like all I do is “just push a button”, I do consider this a full-time job. But I love it. I love it so much that the majority of the time I don’t even feel like I am working. I firmly believe the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I just love what I do and stand firm to my pricing and policies to have an effective photography business that I can only hope will keep growing.

With all of that being said, I am not trying to be everyone’s photographer. I am just simply trying to open and educate the minds of those who think what I do isn’t worth what’s behind the dollar sign. I hope those who read this think twice before insulting a photographer’s business policies. It’s just like any other job and there is almost always specific reasoning behind the numbers. Questions are always good, just be mindful of the way you ask them (: I don’t speak for all photographers, however I feel like many would agree with me. This post was just written out of experience.

The photos below are of a popular tree in San Marcos, TX. I felt they were appropriate for this blog entry because I feel like Preslie Cox Photography resembles a tree (not this one in particular– these are just a few favorites out of several trees photos I have). I am trying so hard to expand my photography business and do anything I can to keep it growing even though, unfortunately, there are people out there who will try to bring it down and make it less of what it is really worth.

Thanks for understanding,


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I have yet to share this on here, but back in September of 2014 I began working for The University Star Newspaper at Texas State as a staff photographer. Since then my work and skill have strengthened and I have gained a new passion and respect for photo journalism. It is one of the most amazing opportunities I have taken on as a photographer. Not only do I feel like my work has improved, but I feel like I am also becoming a better person. The people I have the chance to meet and work with have helped me make that transition.

When I am assigned a story to cover, especially one that is a feature on a person, it is a main goal of mine to make them feel as comfortable as they can around me and my camera. I don’t just show up with my camera, ask to take their picture, then leave. I try to get to know them on a personal level and get them to open up to me. I treat them the way I would want to be treated. I find it very important to be able to establish a bond with my subjects and make them comfortable. After all, I am a complete stranger coming into their life… to photograph them (something a lot of people aren’t comfortable with). One thing I value most is my subjects and their story. I love getting to hear unique stories from the time they opened their business to more personal stories about their dad who used to be a photo journalist for the Houston Chronicle back in the 1960s. These are stories and experiences with people that I know I’ll never forget. I build relationships with my subjects and cherish them. Some of my subjects I have remained friends with.

Through working for the Star, I have a brand new perspective for the locals and people of San Marcos, Texas. Its been a beautiful experience and I can only hope things will only get better. San Marcos and it’s beautiful people will always have a special place in my heart.

Below are photos of some of the wonderful people I have had the chance to work with here in San Marcos. Each photo has a unique story or memory behind it.

_MG_7633 edit low res

_MG_7624 edit low res

David DeLeon, baker at Pie Society

_MG_3616 edit low res_MG_3617 edit low resLisa Marie Coppoletta, a strong and passionate environmental activist in San Marcos

_MG_4019 edit low res

Seth and Chase Katz, brothers and successful entrepreneurs.

_MG_6486 edit low res

Ty Dillon, a talented local musician

_MG_6504 edit low res

Robert Cannon, a fellow Baytownian and talented friend who moved to San Marcos to expand his music career

_MG_6733 edit low res_MG_6754 edit low res_MG_6721 edit low res

Steve Martin, family partner and bread baker in Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop

_MG_6770 edit low res

Grace Park, lead singer for Grace Park and the Deer

_MG_6909 edit low res_MG_6917 edit low res

Arden Quinn, local artist and a non-traditional student at Texas State University

_MG_6986 edit low res_MG_6967 edit low res_MG_6976 edit low res

Maxine Schaffer, owner of The Floral Studio

_MG_7760 edit retouch low res

Nikkye Vargas, owner and creator of Daughter of the Wild


Since I have returned from my month-long stay in Italy, I have been very busy with jobs and have had limited time to view and organize the thousands of photos I took while studying abroad.

As I have organized them by day, I find myself always being drawn back to my weekend spent in Venice. It was the most beautiful city I had the chance to visit while in Italy. I am not kidding when I say no matter where I went, which corner I turned, or what canal we were on, every part of Venice was absolutely beautiful. I was blown away by the amount of color this city had! It was so vibrant. I never left the hotel without my camera.

I think I was also so drawn to Venice because ever since I was little I have always had a passion for being on or around water. Whether it be the beach, river, or a lake, I love the water. So Venice was right up my alley. I was fascinated that there were no cars at all in Venice. Their means of transportation were all by boat. Boat taxis, boat buses, Gondola, you name it.

I visited Basilica di San Marco (St Mark’s Cathedral), the Doge’s Palace, local fresh fruit and fish markets, and the Bridge of Sighs.

Below are some of my favorite images I took in Venice. I am still in the process of editing images from the surrounding islands of Murano and Burano so I will have a separate blog post for those. As I thumb through these beautiful pictures, I am always taken back to the sights, sounds, and smells of Venice and realize how much I miss being there. I feel extremely blessed to have gone on a trip that many can only dream about. I hope those who view these images enjoy them as much as I do. And if time and finances allow it, I highly recommend visiting Italy and all it has to offer. It is such a beautiful country and visiting is worth every single penny. Enjoy! (:


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Okay so obviously my blog posts are going out of order. I have taken close to 2,000 pictures now and it has been impossible to narrow them down to individual blog posts. So as I come across a certain group of images, I will create a post.

This evening I visited Santissima Annunziata Cathedral here in Florence. It was beautiful. I encountered my first Italian Mass and was able to capture some beautiful images.

I don’t think I have ever appreciated a space so much so far being in Italy. I’m not sure if it was because I wasn’t in a large group of other students with a limited amount of time or what. I had more time to explore on my own and truly appreciate the atmosphere and everything it had to offer. Being in this cathedral this evening was such a wonderful and peaceful feeling.


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