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Meet Kaitlyn!

She was my first 2017 senior to photograph so far this year. She attends Sterling High School and is a member of the Sterling Stars dance team. Kaitlyn and her mom decided to make a trip to the Texas Hill Country for her senior session and it definitely paid off. You can’t go wrong with unique locations in the Hill Country. We rescheduled her session due to gloomy wet weather on her original session date and I’m glad we decided to wait because the lighting and everything couldn’t have been more perfect for her photos! I had the best time getting to know Kaitlyn during her session and working with her and her mom. Below is a sample of some of her beautiful session images. Enjoy!



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Jovonne was one of my 2016 seniors and was the Colonel of the Ross S. Sterling Stars dance team. I first worked with Jovonne when her mom contacted me to take Jovonne’s Colonel pictures to be displayed in the Stars’ practice room. She was extremely easy to work with and her sweet personality and style made me hope she would contact me again to take her senior pictures. Sure enough, she did (: Jovonne is now a member of the University of Texas at Austin dance team and is studying Communication. I look forward to seeing all she accomplishes in her future!


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Hello everyone!

As you can tell, I’ve been away from my website for quite some time now. I’ve been so busy with school that I haven’t had a good chance to sit down and add to the site. But it feels great to be back!

The 2016 senior season has started early for me. I photographed my first senior, who is also my first San Antonio senior, two weeks ago. Her name is Jessica and she is a senior at Clark High School. She was actually referred to me by my very good friend Michelle, who is a photographer in San Antonio. I was so excited when Jessica told me she wanted Fall pictures for her senior session! It’s a great way to have some variety with a mix of outfits. She was able to wear a few sweaters as well as some outfits that she could wear in the Spring or Summer. Not only that, but the temperature was perfect as well as the lighting.

During the session, I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica’s mom as well as her boyfriend Jacob. We all had the best time together. We originally had plans to have Jessica’s session at two locations but after shooting at the first and realizing how much we had to work with, we just decided to stay there — which was totally worth it!

Jessica has the sweetest and funniest personality and I had such a great time working with her! I am in love with all of her photos and couldn’t ask for a better way to start the 2016 senior season. Enjoy the photos below (:


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