Not Your Average Joe

This weekend has been one of the best of 2015! MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!

A few weeks ago I learned that my sister Karlie’s boyfriend, Joe was planning to propose to her after her graduation from The University of Texas December 5th. I was thrilled and just full of joy when my dad shared the news! One of the best parts of the news was that Joe wanted me to be a part of the proposal by hiding and taking pictures.

Karlie and Joe started dating almost four years ago after they met at UT. After meeting Joe, I had a feeling deep down that he was going to be “the one”. My sister was head over heels for him and always talked about how nice, respectful, and thoughtful he was. He started coming to family get-togethers for the holidays, on vacations, and started to feel like a part of my family. Joe has been such a blessing to my sister and our family. I have never met a guy so caring and respectful. He is the ideal gentleman. He has treated my sister like a queen from day one, even on her spoiled brat days (: lol! We have always joked with Joe about how he puts up with Karlie, her sassy little attitude, and her high maintenance qualities.

I knew the “question” was coming once Joe mentioned that Karlie’s graduation gift was going to be his next big purchase. Karlie called me one day and told me about him telling her that and how she was starting to get suspicious. The suspicion soon left her little mind though. He began shopping for a ring after Karlie saw a woman’s ring at a UT football game and pointed out how much she liked that particular style. He tried finding clues on Karlie’s taste via Pinterest, only to find that she only had about five pins, including one pin of an engagement ring. Joe wanted the ring to be just as unique as Karlie and their relationship.

The week of Karlie’s graduation Joe sent me a text asking if I could go with him to pick up Karlie’s graduation gift. At this point, Joe had no clue that I knew of his plans to propose to Karlie. He stayed at my apartment Thursday night and then shared the news with me and elaborated more on the details of his plan. The diamond is a European-style antique and is hand-cut. His plan was one of the most thoughtful proposals I’ve ever heard. He really took into consideration specific details of their relationship, how and where they met, and what meant the most to Karlie.

Once graduation ended, Joe told Karlie he wanted to take her on one last walk through UT’s beautiful campus on the way to the car. Their final stop was Scottish Rite, which was Karlie’s dorm during her first year at UT. It was also the place where Joe picked her up for their first date. Through the bushes, I saw them walk up the street and onto the lawn. They stopped and sat at a bench and began talking. Joe grabbed Karlie’s hand and she started to cry. After about ten minutes I started to wonder when he was going to ask (at this point we had 40 minutes to make it to our lunch reservations on the other side of Austin lol). Then he got down on one knee and asked. I emerged from the bushes with shaky knees, trying to hold my camera still in all the excitement.  I made my way over to the bench and finally Karlie saw me and gave me the biggest surprised look. I got closer and the first thing she said was “YOU KNEW ABOUT THIS? No wonder y’all have been acting so sketchy!” She then said “Preslie!! I didn’t even do my eyebrows today for pictures!” In the most exciting event in her life, the most of her worries were her eyebrows lol! She fell in love with the ring and couldn’t stop staring at it. When we got back to the car, she started crying again and kept saying how lucky she felt to have met Joe. It was such a beautiful moment.

Joe has been a blessing to Karlie and our family. I tell her all the time how lucky she is to have crossed paths with Joe and to hang onto him because I knew he would be a keeper. I feel like guys like Joe are rare for our generation so I have always told Karlie she better keep him. I am so happy that she has found her happiness and is engaged to her best friend. They deserve each other. I love them both and wish them the very best in their future together! I couldn’t ask for a better brother in-law. Now I can’t wait for the wedding planning to start! (:


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